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Drive your home electrification strategy with instant market insight 

​Subscribe to the Home Electrification Trends Survey (HETS) and...​​

  • Inspire your strategic planning

  • Develop messaging that resonates

  • Instantly answer your difficult questions 

  • Zero-in on particular audiences

  • Advocate and join the public debate

  • Build a market-centred home electrification strategy.

A typical display screen on the HETS dashboard
A typical display screen on the HETS dashboard
Filters available on the HETS dashboard

What We Offer

Our flagship Home Electrification Trends Survey (HETS) is an international tracking study. It provides accurate and reliable insights on homeowner attitudes toward- and adoption of heat pumps, EVs, rooftop solar and batteries.  We conduct thousands of interviews with homeowners in the UK, France, Germany, and the US every quarter.  We offer the powerful HETS dashboard so subscribers can interrogate results instantly and in fine detail. Subscribers get:

Image to represent the user friendly dashboard
User-Friendly Dashboard

HETS provides instant and unlimited access to an easy to use online dashboard with powerful analytical tools.

Image to represent the idea of electrification
Coverage of the key technologies & issues

HETS addresses the key domestic electrification areas: heat pumps, EVs, rooftop solar and battery storage showing benefits / drawbacks; drivers and barriers to change, acceptance / rejection of myths. 

Image to represent the international nature of the survey
International Coverage

HETS covers the UK, France, Germany and the US.

Image to represent the benchmarking available on the dashboard
Benchmarking & tracking

HETS offers powerful benchmarking tools and time series charts throughout to differentiate the blips from the trends.  Updated every quarter, HETS is always bang up to date.

Fast-changing consumer markets need accurate insights

Who We Help

Image to represent government

Shape public policy on home electrification with data-driven insights.

Image to represent utilities

Align services with homeowners' changing electrification needs.

Image to represent banks and lenders
Banks & Lenders

Provide better-tailored products meeting your customers' precise needs.

Image to represent OEMs

Get the product right for today's customers, not yesterday's. Quantify the varying needs of each market.

Image to represent the idea of Influencers and Academics
Influencers & Academics

Obtain invaluable insights driving your thought leadership.

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